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About us

AccessEast is a specialised translation company with a strategic vision for the Eastern European and Central Asian future. We have immersed ourselves in the Slavic and Turkic culture and seen opportunities for increased cooperation between the East and the West. As the name suggests, our mission is to help businesses in the West expand into the untapped potential of the Eastern markets, namely Eastern European and Central Asian countries.

Companies are often hesitant to venture into culturally and linguistically unfamiliar territory. Providing professional translation and localisation services, we will help businesses to overcome the daunting challenges they face when communicating with a new audience. Eastern Europe and Central Asia have been attracting increasingly substantial foreign business investment.  By breaching this market now, you will put yourself ahead of the competition and reap the rewards.

Represented by professional linguists, our project management team speaks various major European languages. We are passionate about intercultural cooperation and breaking down linguistic barriers in order for businesses to benefit from each other and mutually grow.

AccessEast's founder & director Ellen de Visser ​has a diverse background. Originally from the Netherlands, she had studied German and French linguistics and literature at the University of Bristol, Humboldt University in Berlin and Charles University in Prague. Additionally, she lived and worked in Shanghai, China and has taught German language and business culture classes at the Ternopil State Economic University, located in western Ukraine. 

Speaking 7 languages and having traveled through Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, Romania, Belarus, Moldova and Bulgaria, she was impressed by the enormous potential of Eastern Europe and Central Asia and wanted to help Western European companies to succeed in this part of the world that is continuously growing and developing. 


Before Ellen started AccessEast, she was a freelance translator for marketing and legal documents for three years. She is well-known within the language learning industry, having organised the Language Influencer Summit and speaking at events around the world, including TEDxWolverhampton and TEDxPlovdiv about languages, international marketing and entrepreneurship.

In a fast-paced globalised world of today, it is important that companies receive excellent service around the clock and the translation services are no exception. At AccessEast, we have introduced measures that improve the standards of the translation industry. Unlike most local agencies, we are open 24/7 to receive, process and deliver orders of high volumes. Clients no longer need to waste time comparing and waiting for quotes, we will look at your request right away and will send you a quote within 15 minutes.

By entrusting us with translation projects, companies no longer need to search and check backgrounds of freelance translators at UpWork and Fiverr. Despite their constant improvements, machine translations, such as Google Translate, fail to meet the quality standards of human translations, especially for the selection of languages we provide. We only represent reliable translators with years of experience and expertise in various fields.

If you are interested in exploring business ventures in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, our company’s goals resonate with yours. It is precisely because of the shared vision that we value long-lasting relationships with our clients and we want to provide them with a reliable, friendly and professional service at any given time, and ultimately bridging the gap between the East and the West.

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